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As the leading employment verification agency in India, Mumbai, Guragon, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune we offer the best identification verification services to ensure your business gets the right and appropriate background check results. Be it a validation of identification documents/ cards issued by the government or identity evidence from the issuing authorities, we make sure to eliminate all fake candidate identities.

What is the personal identity verification process?

The identity verification process means the procedure that involves comparing a person's sets of unique characteristics and attributes to the person claiming to be the same. Identity Verification is required for most operations and processes, whether online or offline, such as online/offline booking, applying for a passport and booking flights.

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Types of Identity Verification methods

According to us, being the best employee background verification company in Gurgaon, India we recommend Identity Verification is necessary as it offers security and authenticity to users. Also, identity verification comes in different ways and can be done in various methods such as :

Email Verification- Email is one of the primary means of authentication as these days every user uses their Gmail accounts. Be it for creating new accounts or for any purpose, it is totally safe.

Biometric Verification- Biometrics are physical characteristics of an individual and are used for authentication purposes. Mostly it includes iris, face, voice and fingerprints.

Phone Verification- These are verifications where people use their phone numbers to identify themselves. It involves three steps :

1. To fill out any registration form a customer uses his/her phone number.
2. On registration, LoginRadius sends OTP- One-Time Passcode either via SMS or automated call.
3. To verify the number, customers then enter the OTP on their website or mobile app.

Social Verification- In this verification users can utilize their existing login credentials from a social networking platform such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter to simplify their registrations and logins.

What is the importance of identity checking?

Every year, millions of identities are stolen. This as a result increases the chance that candidates may use stolen identities when applying for employment and conducting background checks.

And this is where the importance of identity checking comes in as it helps to ensure and verify an individual's identity matches the one that is supposed to be. We at GenXs, are the best background verification company in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCr, Gurgaon as with our service you can expect your company to get a complete identity check.

We help you identify whether the candidate is exactly who they say they are. Checking a candidate's identity not only prevents fraud or misidentification but also adds an extra layer of security when screening candidates :

• Applicants for remote employment roles.
• Freelancers for your extending team.
• Employees of eCommerce companies.
• Positions in the financial services business.
• Gig economy contractors.

How do take action on results?
Sometimes it happens that a candidate may fail the identity check. But this doesn't mean that he or she is impersonating someone else. However, we at GenXs- a background verification company in India, recommend employees exercise caution and consider requesting extra identification documents such as a government-issued ID, a PAN, a driver's license or an Aadhaar number.