Global Database Check

What do you mean by Global Database Checks in Background Verification?

At GenXs, the Global Database Background Screening is a database screening process that takes place all around the world. We are one of the best employee background verification companies in Gurgaon, India as we help in verifying whether the candidate's name appears in a public or private database of negative profiles. This includes the civil litigation database, credit database, acceptance database and criminal database as well as those of the IRS and the FBI.

As a leading and top background verification company in India, Hyderabad, we offer services including :
Litigation Database
FBI Database
OFAC Database
FBI Database
Media Database
Defaulters list Reserve Bank of India.

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What is the importance of Global Database Background Screening services?

Sometimes not verifying a candidate's foreign experience can cause inconsistency in the hiring process which as a result can lead to charges of discrimination. This is where the need of global database background screening verification is needed.

We at GenXs background verification company in India come with high-quality service for unfair hiring practices. We make sure that no candidates are in any public/ proprietary database of false profiles.

As a leading employment background verification agency in Gurugram, we help you to learn more about your employees such as their collaboration with criminals, financial responsibilities and charges, defaults, affiliation with the organization and other such issues.

What is the importance of International background checks?

We at GenXs- a Background verification company in India do international background checks both for candidates residing overseas as well as those living in the U.S. Simply put, it is a part of us and we also recommend it to be a part of every employment screening procedure.

Therefore, through our services we can help your company :

• In making informed decisions along with complete reliable results from foreign databases.

• As a leading background check agency in Gurugram, Noida, Uttar Pradesh we make sure your candidate's international employment history is accurate and reliable.

• Besides, we also make sure that your candidate comes with the right skills, knowledge and experience.

What will International Background Checks teach you?

We do background checks to evaluate both candidates who are either living outside of the United States or candidates who have previously lived, studied or worked in another nation. Looking for a Background check services company in Bangalore, Karnataka? We at GenXs can help you with the best services along with making you learn about :

• Verifying the international employment history provided by your candidate.
• Help you in verifying criminal records by providing details about returns, clear results or international criminal records.
• Verifying international education credentials history provided by your candidate.

Simply put, we will help you learn if a candidate has been involved in any activities relevant to crimes or fraud. Besides, you can also learn from us about :

• Professional reference check.
• Personal identity-check
• Address verification
• Police verification
• Drugs abuse check
• Personal background check
• Due Diligence/Investigation
• Cibil record/Credit check