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Why is it necessary to verify addresses?

At GenX, we are a background verification agency in Delhi, Guragon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Noida India. Our verifying address comes with many benefits including :

• It protects the business and prevents misidentification of candidates by confirming their identity and rights to work.

• It helps in keeping the details safe from wrong candidates.

• It helps in identifying the appropriate candidate and whether the individual matches the job experience or not along with saving time and money in the long run.

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Who should be in charge of verifying addresses?

We believe all organizations should address verification checks. This is important because it ensures that both the business as well as the candidates are secure.

When should address verification be done?

At Genx, our background screening company in Chennai, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh we recommend verifying addresses when screening new candidates. As this not only saves time or helps in identifying the correct candidates, but also helps in having complete confidence in the candidate's identity.

Types of Address Verification

Our employment verification agency in Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra comes with two types of Address Verifications- permanent and temporary addresses.

Permanent Address- is an individual's legal address where he or she is a registered resident along with the name and it appears in Government documents such as ration cards, voter id cards, passports and driver's licenses. This address is very important for an individual because this is where a person receives his/her official documents.

Temporary Address- is any person's home address, where he or she is staying with a friend or relative. It can either be a rented apartment or a paying guest. Or it can also be a post office box where he/she can receive any letter.

Is address verification necessary?

Address verification is necessary not only because it comes with various benefits but also because it saves from the risk of dangers too. Firstly, it helps in sending out letters, legal notices, final settlement documents and much more to employees.

Secondly, it helps in preventing issues of misgivings such as tracking down defaulters or employees who go missing after frauding with customer accounts.

Besides, it also helps police and investigation teams in finding criminals who have been involved in any act of misconduct, thus helping law enforcement authorities.

Address verification is basically done through a field officer. He/ she visits the mentioned address and verifies everything from ownership to current status. In case of absence, the officer verifies the person through neighbours.

How can address verification help you avoid fraud?

Fraud has various negative effects on business. Also, it costs the company a lot of money, resources and time which as a result ends in financial disaster. It does not harm the stakeholder's relations but also the company's reputation as well as customers.

And when it comes to identity fraud, comes with serious financial issues that become difficult to deal with. Simply put, customers lose their faith in business not only for a short time but for years to come.

And to avoid all these, we at the background check agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, recommend companies to opt for Postal address verification as it is one of the best preventive measures to prevent fraud. Simply put, it keeps both the business as well as customers protected.

How does Address verification work?

To verify whether these bulk addresses are correct or not, we at the background verification company in India do address verification using three stages- standardization, rectification and validation. With the help of additional data returned by address verification APIs, we easily distinguish correct addresses from fraudulently.