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Verify your candidate's career history and job-related experiences to make informed selections.


What is Employment Verification and why do you need it?


Employment verification can be understood as the process of verifying an employee's link with his employer and the other associated facts. Most of the time, employees frequently try to prove their employment by submitting resumes or signed agreements, which may not be true. While the remaining times, these documents require formal approval from current and previous companies.

Being a leader among the other Employee background check companies in India, we at GenXs provide top-notch employment verification services in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore as well as PAN India. Through our background check, you would be able to validate a candidate's employment history to make further decisions.

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What benefits would you get from employment Verification services?


There may be multiple reasons why you would need to seek help from our Background Verification Agency in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR & Gurgaon. However, on the other hand, employment verification service presents a number of benefits over companies including

• Receiving an automated response to the request
• Makes sure that there is the security of employees' details
• Speeds up the speed process of response time and request
• Ensure that the details of the candidates are genuine.

GenXs employment verification benefits
GenXs Employment Verification is an on-demand service provider that works on advanced solutions. Our verifiers authenticate who browse through a candidate's complete history of employment including the name, location, date, position held and others of a person.

At GenXs-Background Verification Agency in India, our services assist you by reducing the risk of employment Verification errors and the chances of hiring a bad candidate by using consistent research approaches.

We outsource time-consuming, tiresome screening activities through our specialised team of verifiers who have years of experience. Our employee background verification company in Delhi aims to improve the candidate experience by simplifying and accelerating the verification. The best part about hiring employment verification is that we offer customized solutions to the clients at affordable rates that easily fit their diverse budgets.

Background checks are a must-do thing that you need to shift your focus on !!
We believe that background checks are very essential for any business or organization that aims to avoid later hassles and headaches. It does not matter what size your organization is, counting on our Employee Background verification company in Delhi NCR will lower your chances to lose much from bad hiring.

Also, it saves you and your other staff members from any dangers. Being among the Best Background Verification Companies In India, we can offer you the evidence between a successful operation and a service that ends up failing.

“We aim to deliver Value-based reports with High-quality work through investigation.”